Mold Matters

Tackling mold illness and sick building syndrome and the effects it has on the human body. Mike and Jeremy, with a combined 25 years of experience in the industry offer hope and insight to millions who suffer throughout the world.

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14 hours ago

(2:25) Sensitivity to mold Story from Mike
- Mold symptoms coming back
(5:40) Story build up
(7:40) Mold in the grout!
-grout is porous
-seal your grout every two years
(9:35) Mold under the tile
(13:40) Mold is gone and so are her symptoms!
(14:10) Mold loves shower benches
(17:35) If you do tile, please seal it!
(18:45) Flat surfaces in showers
(19:05) Mold loves drain plates
(20:15) Mike and home improvement sites don't mix!
(20:40) Long, hot showers isn't the reason you have mold
(22:05) You can't just wipe off mold
(23:20) Mold loves the underside of your shower shelves
(24:30) Consider changing to wire shower shelves
(25:15) Mold loves sliding shower door tracts
(25:35) Consider getting a portable shower bench
(26:00) Recap: Don't tile your shower or have a shower bench if you have mold sensitivities

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

(1:00) intro-Mike shares story on humidifiers
(3:45) Why might you want your air to be humid
(5:20) Mold Shocks
(5:45) Exposure to micro-toxins causes...
(7:40) Recommendations from Mike
(9:50) Thanksgiving Jello Mold
(11:00) Mold in your water
(12:00) Big Humidifiers
(15:45) Wet/dry cycles creates havoc
(16:35) Just get rid of them!
(17:05) Mold disperses through your furnace
(17:50) Steam Humidifiers
(18:45) high hyphal fragments from humidifiers
(19:35) Stick to individual units
(21:35) Don't put water in a duct work system

Episode 54: Moldy Sandwiches

Thursday Feb 15, 2024

Thursday Feb 15, 2024

Moldy Sandwiches timestamps
(8:20) - Requirements for mold to grow
(9:15) - Bread - Sheetrock and panelling
(10:30) - Lettuce wrap - Wallpaper
(11:35) - Baseboards
(13:40) - Where the stud meets the sheetrock
(14:00) - Mold grows anywhere that's tight and contained
(16:15) - Sponges
(16:40) - Kitchen Cabinets
(17:30) - Big Moldy Mac - tile flooring
(20:05) - Water Mapping
(21:00) - Steam Shower
(23:47) - Recommendations when faced with Moldy Sandwiches
(26:43) - What causes a Mold Sandwich
(28:15) - Shoutout!
(28:35) - Recap

Thursday Jan 25, 2024

(1:40) Mold and large homes
(6:00) Cons to having large homes
(8:00) Watch your third levels!
(9:05) Cookie cutter vs. Custom homes
(11:05) Mikes story with rooflines
(18:00) The building process
(19:00) What to watch out for while building your home
(23:25) Recap
(23:30) Cons to large homes
(24:20) Know where your Hvac systems are
(24:40) Always keep your fans on
(25:52) Being careful with custom builds
(27:09) Jetted tubs
(28:40) Say NO to new build ideas
(29:40) Hard to find mold

Friday Jan 19, 2024

(00:46) Don't neglect your cleaning
(01:20) Tips from Cheryl
(03:00) Manual agitation
(04:55) How long does cleaning take?
(07:38) Are dead legs an issue?
(13:41) Effects of humidity
(16:40) Air conditioning effects
(20:58) Tips to note form Cheryl
(22:35) Asthma from dirty ducts
(25:32) About Cheryl Ciecko

Friday Jan 19, 2024

(1:00) Intro to Cheryl Ciecko
(8:30) Cheryl Shares What She's 
(11:55) What Dust is
(16:00) Swabbing Ducts
(16:50) Bad vs Good Practices
(19:30) What to expect during construction/renovations
(19:55) Closing Ducts
(22:20) Duct Sealing

Friday Jan 05, 2024

Retrofitting (4:30)
Mitigating homes (8:45)
Required fresh air in different buildings (14:00)
Holistic approach- your house is a breathing organism (15:35)
Dehumidifiers are bandaids (17:10)
Doug's story about oil rig (18:40)
How Doug got into the air purification business (20:08)
Information about Normi (26:00)

Friday Jan 05, 2024

Introduction (2:00)
Doug's childhood plumbing story (5:25)
Tightening up homes (7:25)
Unintended consequences (10:00)
Products used in the house (12:00)
Air infiltration issues (12:45)
Mike's story with treatment (16:35)
Doug talks about mitigating the vacuum in homes (17:25)
Mike's story with crawl spaces (19:30)

Episode 48: Toilets

Friday Dec 29, 2023

Friday Dec 29, 2023

Mike and Jeremy talk about toilets... yes toilets.
(2:20) Opportunistic ring is a food source for mold
(3:45) Toilet bowl
(4:20) Mold load
(8:15) Calcium build up
(8:35) Potty talk
(14:15) Mike and Jeremy tell stories about different smells
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Friday Dec 01, 2023

Explore the dynamic clash of traditional mold remediation and Pure Maintenance technology as hosts engage in a compelling dialogue with guest Daryl Olson. Gain insights into diverse scenarios as they negotiate the nuances of their respective procedures in this informative episode.
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